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Horgen Oberdorf

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Horgen Oberdorf

With its multifunctional buildings, the former industrial area of Horgen Oberdorf provides ideal conditions for a novel visionary, urban environment. The proposed project places its focus on a flexible combination of working and living for varying generations and interest groups. It makes innovative forms of living and sustainable ways of life possible, by which the image of Horgen, viewed from the outside, gains in value as an attractive place to live and work. In addition, the combination of historic and modern buildings creates a large potential for identifying with the existing community structure.

In order to increase organisational efficiency and optimise costs, the project planning and realisation of the Horgen site employs the latest digitalisation methods in the building industry. The BIM method, which was already applied in the competition, aids efficient, interdisciplinary cooperation, smooth process execution and enables swift reaction to conceptual changes.

Urban Design
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© Holzer Kobler Architekturen