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With Bible and Spade

With Bible and Spade
900 Years of the Premonstratensian Order

In the first single exhibition focussing exclusively on the Premonstratensians, outstanding works of art dating from the Middle Ages to our era show the cultural, spiritual and economic work of the order from its origins until today. The exhibition scenography is based on the concept of: reuse – reduce – redefine. As far as possible, display cases were taken from existing stocks and integrated into an overriding design corresponding with the architecture while remaining delicate and minimalistic. An atmosphere of differing identities is achieved in the individual exhibition rooms by means of a colour concept based on the colours of the pictures and objects of the exhibition. 

The timeline in the choreography of the exhibition is conceived like a loop. On the stairs leading to the exhibition areas, visitors are welcomed by media projections showing the Premonstratensian Order as it is today. With knowledge of the present time, one can go back to the beginnings, and from there move chronologically on through the centuries.

Art, History