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Difficult Heritage

© 2xGoldstein, Joshua Kaiss
Difficult Heritage

With the exhibition "Difficult Heritage. The Linden-Museum and Württemberg in Colonialism. A Workshop Exhibition" the Linden-Museum takes a look at its own history with regard to colonialism and post-colonial issues. Conceived as a summary exhibition of works, it focuses on the process of coming to terms with history through a conscious shifting of perspectives. This basic concept is taken up by the exhibition design. Numerous modules with different creative approaches to the topic are distributed around stands and open fragmentary exhibitions in the rooms of the museum. Empty spaces and breaks in the scenography demonstrate the complexity of dealing with this cultural heritage. At each station, participation is encouraged as well as opportunities for in-depth research and discussion. The exhibition runs from 26 November 2020 to 8 May 2022.


Culture, History
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© 2xGoldstein, Joshua Kaiss
© 2xGoldstein, Joshua Kaissv
© 2xGoldstein, Joshua Kaiss
© 2xGoldstein, Joshua Kaiss
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