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Innovation Mile Obermeilen

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Innovation Mile Obermeilen

The novel development of the residential and commercial property on "Alte Landstrasse" in Obermeilen (CH) is designed as to become an urban mixed use architecture providing an innovation-friendly environment for start-ups and a contemporary, synergetic integration of citizens with a wide range of interests and with varied concepts of life.

Inspired by early works of Atelier 5 and their idea of designing modern and interactive forms of living and working as ensembles, the development as conceived by Holzer Kobler Architekturen for this area offers possibilities that are oriented on current social needs leading to individual structural solutions. The idea of an innovation-hub in combination with diverse types of real estate results in structuring buildings in such a way as to make it possible to test individual ways of living in our eager to experiment, ever-changing and globalised society with its large array of family structures and lifestyles. The combination of living and working makes possible a quick "switch" between private and professional work as well as an intense exchange among tenants with start-ups and those in creative work. This makes the location highly attractive, offering all the advantages of a familial environment and providing high quality of life due to its closeness to the lake and local recreation areas in and around Obermeilen.

Mixed Use, Urban Design
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