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Tourist Information Center

Tourist Information Center
Hohenwarte (TIZ) – Thuringian Sea

The concept for the Tourist Information Center Hohenwarte (TIZ) - Thüringer Meer unfolds from the topographical dynamics of the Thuringian Slate Mountains as well as from the aspect that its industrial use of water resulted in a radical transformation. The resulting interplay of heights and depths forms the basis for our design, which creates and integrates precise realms of experience and visual axes that lead out into the landscape characterized by water, mountains and above all the mighty dam wall. Thematic all-day offers are embedded in different places and allow an experience of the variation of the place in its entirety.

The TIZ and the tower form an architectural unit, which in its typology is based on building blocks, which are derived from the geographically given contour lines. Due to the selected positioning of the two structures as a counter-pole to the dam at its southern end. The building forms a connection between the parking area, the hiking trails, a water access and a ship landing. It is integrated into the landscape in a manner, which keeps the modification of the terrain to a minimum. The architectural language reflects an industrial character through both form and material, and translates these qualities into a fitting form and place.

Mixed Use, Public Space
Holzer Kobler Architekturen
Holzer Kobler Architekturen