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Barbara Holzer

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Founder/ Director

Barbara Holzer

Barbara Holzer, Dipl. Arch. ETH, SIA, AKB, founded the architecture studio Holzer Kobler Architekturen Zurich/Berlin together with Tristan Kobler. Before that she was responsible for a number of international projects in the Studio Libeskind and realized various buildings e.g. the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus in Osnabrück and the Westside, a leisure and adventure center in Bern Brünnen. In between she was also engaged in many projects where the interaction of architecture and scenography were already of central importance. This was done under the firm name “d-case”. Barbara Holzer focuses on programmatic innovation, aesthetic identity and the characteristics of context in her studies regarding architecture and space.

At Holzer Kobler Architekturen, she is – as a globally active architect – responsible together with Tristan Kobler and a broadly diversified team of experts for the planning and orchestration of a suspense-packed oeuvre in urban planning and architecture as well as scenography and design. Barbara Holzer is known for her intelligent and self-confident designs, based on themes like cultural authenticity, sustainable development and social values in the scope of constantly changing demands regarding living and working environments. Exploring the limits of conceivable ideas she integrates them into her conceptual work. In such diverse projects as the experimental residential property ELLI with a connecting studio, Frankie & Johnny as a model of a contemporary housing complex for temporary residence with an intricate modular construction or the scenography of the Bauhaus’ permanent exhibition in the newly erected Weimar Bauhaus Museum shows how she focuses on shapes, materials and designs, closely linked to issues of artistic integrity and communal empowerment.

Barbara Holzer sees architecture as a key field of action where societal mindsets, processes and visions may be stimulated. Therefore buildings and spaces are not just a display of social realities for her as an architect, but a source of inspiration, medium of reflection and place for influence. In view of her political demands regarding the significance of architecture, Barbara Holzer sees herself obliged to exercise her social responsibility.

She is currently involved in urban planning projects, the development of affordable and sustainable housing concepts and the scenographical arrangements of numerous exhibitions. In order to pass on her knowledge and experience and to promote new talents, Barbara Holzer held lectures among others venues at the ETH Zurich. Since 2010 she is a professor for architecture and interior design at the Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf (DE). She gives lectures at international congresses and qualification programs, is a recognized member of numerous specialist committees and juries on architectural and urban planning issues and sits on the Advisory Board of the IBA Thuringia since 2013.

In 2008, Barbara Holzer and Tristan Kobler received the Grand Prix Design of the Swiss Confederation for their engaged international engagement.